Tesla bought the manufacturer of parts Perbix at a loss of 650 million

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Private company Perbix, which produced parts and assembly robots for Tesla, has worked productively with Ilon Mask for the past several years, and recently the heads of both companies negotiated the purchase of Perbix and signed all the necessary documents.

According to Mask, this acquisition will allow Tesla to cope with the problems and reach the declared volumes of production.

In the summer, when the first Model 3 came off the assembly line, Mask promised to increase production at an accelerated pace, increasing the output of new products to five thousand cars a week.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve such indicators of the company in many respects because of deficiency of spare parts and some other overlays on manufacture.

After becoming a division of Tesla, Perbix will devote itself entirely to providing the company’s plants with details, as a consequence, increasing their production.

The former head of Perbix has already received its share from the deal with shares of Tesla worth $ 10 million.

But, unfortunately, the problems in the production of Tesla deficiency of parts are not limited. The company is experiencing a large deficit of batteries, which are collected by hands in Nevada.

In addition, a subcontractor who was involved in debugging automated lines in Tesla, recently refused to provide services to the company, which forced the company to hire the right specialists and rewrite the software code from scratch.

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