Test: The First Silhouette that you See in the Image will Determine your Interior

Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,

Do you think that by observing an image it is possible to know what is inside you? It sounds strange, I know, but according to the fundamentals of the Gestalt theory, which is currently widely used in psychotherapy, this is a reality and you are about to check it in a quick and easy way.

The instructions are very simple: you must memorize the first silhouette that you observed when contemplating the next image and then look for the meaning in the lower part.

Memorize the first silhouette that you see

Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,

Discover What Your Interior Says About You:


Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,
If this is the first figure you saw, it means that you are a person who relies heavily on reason and logic. Although this feature is usually very positive in various aspects of your life, it can also become a difficult obstacle to overcome when fulfilling your dreams.

Recommendations: Give yourself the opportunity to be more optimistic and fight for your ideas, even if they are the craziest and absurd. Value yourself, become equitable and learn, because only then will life give you the necessary tools to forge your way.


Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,
You are a very critical person with yourself and with those around you. You can not stand to feel that you are wasting time and therefore you are looking for something that will keep you busy. In spite of being very intelligent and that your knowledge opens the way wherever you go, this same fact makes others envy you, turning your greatest virtue into a great defect.

Recommendations: Your stubbornness or obstinacy can alienate people who are really important to you. As much as you think you are right, you need to listen to the opinions of others to reach an agreement in an environment of respect.


Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,

Seeing this silhouette denotes that you are a person who knows how to listen to their instincts and is not afraid to express what they think and feel. Your great determination and work make you set your eyes on your dreams to do even the impossible to reach them.

Recommendations: Teamwork is something constant in the successful people, so do not close yourself to the wise advice they give you and put them into practice from time to time.


Silhouette, Interior, Psychotherapy,

You are an unintuitive person and even though you let yourself be carried away by actions, you only realize the reality when they disappoint you or betray you. Regardless of the damage that others may cause you, try not to hate anyone and live surrounded by tranquility so as not to cause problems to others.

Recommendations: People often take advantage of you, the ideal is to pay attention to each of the details and not be quiet when you think you are facing an injustice.

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