The First Tests of a Jet Engine made on a 3D Printer

Jet Engine, 3D Printer

Very often you can find news about certain things printed with a 3D printer. Thanks to this technology, gadgets, bridges and even entire buildings are already successfully created.

But scientists from the University of Monash (Australia), in conjunction with experts from Amaero recently tested the world’s first jet engine, created using 3D-printing technology.

The printed jet engine has several features that distinguish it from other similar developments.

It belongs to the class of air-speed engines (aerospike engine), that is, it is capable of supporting aerodynamic efficiency over a wide range of heights above the Earth’s surface in areas with different atmospheric pressures.

The design of the engine allows it to develop greater traction at the same fuel consumption level as other engines of this class. Well, the most important difference is that the whole process of “building” takes only 4 months.

According to the lead engineer of the Graham Bell project,

“Designing units and units, focused on additive production technology, opens a lot of opportunities. We were able to overcome all the limitations associated with the process of traditional production, focusing on the features that ensure maximum efficiency of the unit, including the shape of the nozzle and a branched internal cooling system. “

At the moment, experts from Monash University and Amaero have created a new company called NextAero. It will improve existing production technologies and improve the quality of jet engines created with 3D printing.

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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