The reason why this man wears the same T-shirt for 20 years

T-shirt, Love

Twitter users are accustomed to stories that become viral, to memes and to photographs that go around the world. The last one is of love and has been published by a young Japanese woman whose father has worn the same T-shirt for the last 20 years!

The 24-year-old Japanese girl was cleaning her grandparents’ room after her death when she found photos of her parents during their honeymoon. His mother passed away 18 years ago and since then, his father decided to always carry the same green pole, together with the yellow that his mother wore.

Translate of this tweet: “I know that my father has been wearing clothes that have been worn for a long time, I have worn it with my mother on my honeymoon · · ·”

As he explains on Twitter, if the shirt is bored or broken, it is he who arranges it. Neither is it removed for special occasions, such as trips with the family or an event. Her father has not remarried and has taken care of her and her younger brother.

Users of the social network have confessed to having cried with the story, which has become viral because it reveals that love can be expressed and demonstrated in countless ways.

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