They Find Time Capsule in An 18th Century Jesus Christ Statue (+10 Pictures)

A priest of the cathedral of the Burgo de Osma, in Spain, hid a series of sheets dated 1777, inside a statue of Christ with the aim that his descriptions about the economic, political and social conditions of his time were found in the future.

And so it was, about two and a half centuries later, the texts of the Spanish clergyman were discovered during the restoration process of the church of Santa Águeda, behind the cloth that covered the back of the statuette.

In them, they address the names of the governors, including King Carlos III, as well as the most common diseases of his time and the different types of crops. “Playing cards, ball, bald, bar and other puerile games serve as entertainment while the harvests of wheat, rye, barley, oats are the work”.

After the discovery, the authorities of Sotillo de la Ribera sent the document to the archives of the Archbishopric of Burgos, but they made a copy that will remain behind the Christ leg that will continue to be a testimony for future generations.

“The Court is in Madrid. There are Mail and Gazette for the news. There is Inquisition, for which no errors are experienced against the church of God. Big famous bullfighters of Salamanca are hired and the wine is harvested in exaggerated quantities “, reads the text.

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