US Approves the First Electronic Tablet Medication

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The US federal authorities authorized the commercialization of the first electronic tablet, able to indicate if a patient has taken his treatment and when.

A sensor inserted in the pill emits a signal that allows determining the time and date of taking the medication, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a statement published late Monday.

This traceability system has been authorized for a treatment against schizophrenia, acute mania, and bipolar disorder.

It is the aripiprazole, marketed under the name of Abilify since 2002. The electronic version is called Abilify MyCite.

Once ingested, the pill’s sensor, made of copper, magnesium, and silica, produces an electrical signal upon contact with stomach fluids.

After a few minutes, this electrical impulse is picked up by a receiver located in a patch attached to the rib cage.

The patch, which must be replaced every week, then transmits the information to an application that allows patients to check the ingestion of the medication on their cell phone.

Patients can also have their doctors access this system through a website.

“Being able to track the taking of prescription drugs can be useful for some people with mental illness,” said Dr. Mitchell Mathis, director of the psychiatric treatment division of the FDA’s Center for Drug Research and Evaluation.

But the drug agency notes that this traceability system has not yet demonstrated its ability to improve the regular intake of medication.

Abilify MyCite is marketed by the Japanese pharmaceutical group Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. while the sensor and patch are manufactured by the US company Proteus Digital Health.

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