Wavy Eye Brows, the New Fashion Trend that Flying on Instagram

Instagram, New Fashion Trend

Wavy eyebrows have become the new fad on Instagram. The trick is simple: shave, comb and make the outline with a pencil.

Instagram is the social network of fashions. Many users are inspired by hairstyles, makeup styles or clothing sets that they see in the profiles of other users and thus, they become a trend. The same has happened with the latest fashion in eyebrows: wearing them wavy. This trend in Instagramera beauty is a look that is easily achieved, the first thing to do is to depilate and comb the hair following a wavy pattern. The next step is to use a pencil outline the color of your eyebrows and draw the waves according to the width that you want to achieve.

Do you like the end result? To us, the truth is that it worries us a lot, but the truth is that this is the only fashion of eyebrows that surprises us. A few months ago, a joke of a make-up artist became the trend and feather eyebrows were born, #featherbrows.

Here you can see a tutorial:

Do you dare to try this latest trend? Your eyebrows will look like this:

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Tina Yong

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