WhatsApp prepares a redesign of its Emojis on Android

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WhatsApp has just released an update of its beta application in which you can already see how emojis have been retouched graphically.

If you are an absolute fan of WhatsApp emojis just like today you have to give jumps of joy, because the instant messaging application has just released an updated version that includes a new redesign of the emojis.

There is not much newness in them, except that they have a more rounded edge the great majority and a little more expression in their faces and their movements.

Now, for example, the classic Sevillan dancer has a fan in her hand and a more passionate stance with dancing.

The flag of Spain now also includes the most defined constitutional shield, just like the typical WhatsApp poop, which now comes with dilated pupils as if it had been all night long … Or the umbrella, both closed and open, whose color before was purple and is now green.

And so many small changes. As for the emojis of Caritas, the main change is that they are more shaded and that makes them a little more versatile, although they are still the classic emoticons of a lifetime.

In order to access this new redesigned emojis you will have to update your version of WhatsApp to version 2.17.364, and for that first, you will have to be a beta tester of it.

If you are not yet, you will have to wait for a stable version of WhatsApp, which will soon arrive.

Here you can see some of the new emoticons we have extracted from our version of WhatsApp in Beta.

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