You’ve Failed, Apple: Four Things We Miss On The iPhone X

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The technophiles are in luck: the iPhone X is already a reality. And it will be even more so in November when it comes out definitely for sale and all those who want to get hold of it can enjoy one of the best smartphones of recent years.

The benefits of the iPhone X are more than insight: the screen without frames, the Super Retina resolution, the 3GB RAM, the fast charge, the wireless load … who could criticize such a display of virtues?

But do not come upstairs Apple. Like everything, your new terminal also has (enough) things that we miss and (enough) things more than critical. Not everything will compliment, so here are some of the shortcomings we see:

1. The price

Really, Apple? Okay, we all have already assumed that your products, especially the iPhone, are not exactly cheap: they are expensive, possibly too expensive. But even if you have your reasons, here you have crossed the line: a phone whose price ranges between 1,159 and 1,319 euros? Do you really want us to spend that much money?

The bad thing is you’re probably right. The price seems prohibitive for most users, but in the field of marketing you are the real king, so there is no doubt that you will sell millions of phones. But let’s face it: the price you put on the iPhone X is an absolute blunder.

2. Extension by SD

Definitely, in Apple works a manager who, for whatever reason, has a special mania to SD cards. Only this explains that terminal after terminal, the company prevents its users from expanding the phone memory. The storage of the iPhone is what it is: if you like, well; and if not, you lose it.

We know that there are several details that play in favor of the design and dimensions of your terminal, Apple, but seriously: when all the big manufacturers bet on allowing us to insert SD cards, it’s ugly that you’re still the biggest exception. Of course, that way they make sure that if you need more storage you buy it in your cloud…

3. The software

iPhone software is probably the best of all we’ve seen in the recent history of smartphones. However, it has a clear disadvantage: it is so good that it requires constant updates, so the terminals end up expiring relatively fast.

Seriously, Apple, let’s live: did you have so much trouble installing software that, at least, is compatible with most of your phones?

4. Old Terminals

Because that’s another melon: Apple not only likes to spend a pasture on your phone: also used to want to discard your previous terminal as soon as possible.

The trick of Apple’s great software is that its old terminals become obsolete right away if you want to enjoy a good version of iOS. So if you have an iPhone more or less recent, you can now hang it on Wallapop. You will soon be served if you want to stay updated.

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